Wondering what your business is worth, if it's sellable, and if it has potential buyers?

We help software, data and services CEOs and Business Owners like you prepare to ace your value-maximized exit.

Benchmark Your Business

Enhance Business Value

Prepare for Potential Sale

Done-With-You, Done-For-You, and A-La-Carte Value Enhancement Programs

  • Exit Readiness Assessment
  • Estimate of Value
  • Value Enhancement Plan
  • Buyer/Investor Mapping of Options
  • Monthly Coaching to Improve Your Business

Why is ExitPrep the smart choice as your business advisor?

Software, Data and Services Expertise

We are experts at preparing software, data, and services companies for exits. We know what key buyers and investors look for, how they negotiate, and how they structure deals.

Built by Operators for Operators

Our team is composed of former software, data, and services operators. We have been on your side of the table and can help you strategically position your business for the right buyer at the right time.

Global Reach and Track Record

With a track record of successful exits around the world, we work with clients on a global basis and know how to help you attract international buyers and investors.

Preparing to sell can be tricky. Let us guide you through the process.

Join the growing list of savvy companies that worked with us to prepare for value maximized exits.

We provide different Service Options.

Monthly Coaching

Done-With-You Value Enhancement Built Around 8 Key Value Drivers Including Performance, Growth, Dependencies, Value Teeter Totter, Recurring Revenue, Monopoly Control, Customer Satisfaction, Owner Involvement.

Full Service

Done-For-You Value Enhancement Support and Deliverables Including Valuation, Sellability, and Buyer Benchmarking; Value Enhancement Planning and Implementation, and Business Acceleration Programs.

Individual Services

A-La-Carte Value Enhancement Services Including Exit Readiness Assessments, Value Enhancement Roadmaps, Implementation Assistance, Estimates of Value, Market & Buyer Mapping, LOI Offer & Term Sheet Research Analysis, Buyer/Investor Research and Background Reviews, and Buyer/Investor Due Diligence Coordination.

*Have special requests - Have something that doesn’t fit our service options?

Contact us to discuss your unique needs.

We understand… Exit Planning can be challenging.

Especially when you’re busy 24/7 trying to do all the other things necessary to operate and grow your business.

Let us take that burden off your plate, and show you a clear path forward.

“We basically got a roadmap to prepare us, that we ultimately took, and years down the road we were ready to sell"

– Henry Danish, Former Chairman and Shareholder of EZ Yield

“One of the things Ponterra brought to us was an assessment of what kind of potential outcome we could see. What’s going on in the marketplace? Are there potential buyers for us? Is the timing right to exit?”

– James Filsinger, Former CEO of Yapta, Inc., Now a Ponterra Business Advisors Managing Director


James Filsinger, Former CEO of Yapta, Inc., Now a Ponterra Business Advisors Managing Director


Founder and Former President of Digital Alchemy


Former Chairman and Shareholder of EZ Yield


Former CEO and Shareholder of Time Management Corporation

Drew Peloubet

Former CEO and Shareholder of Restaurant Magic

The ExitPrep Process


Exit Readiness Benchmarking.

Answers three important questions: How sellable is my business right now? What is my current value? Who are my target buyers?


Value Enhancement Roadmap.

Based on your benchmarking results, we craft step-by-step actions to take to increase your company’s value and attractiveness to buyers.



Work hand-in-hand with your business advisor to implement the key improvements outlined in your roadmap.


Maximize Your Value.

We will help you organize your business to sell at a higher valuation when you’re ready to exit. We will also account for the value of your legacy and employees at exit.

Get the Guidance Your Business Needs and Deserves...

ExitPrep specifically guides software, data, and services companies to grow, prepare, and maximize the value of their businesses for an ultimate exit.

In other words, we help you position and optimize your business to sell at a higher valuation.

We are built by operators, for operators so we understand your business because we’ve run your type of business.