Are you looking for an advisor that values your business the way you do and not as a commodity?

We are former business software operators turned value-enhancers and dealmakers to serve your interests.




Failing To Plan Today Is Planning To Fail Tomorrow

Our principals have worked with numerous companies like yours and found that the same challenges come up again and again.

CEOs and business owners are not thinking about industry KPIs, value enhancement and business adaption for investors and buyers early enough. Benchmark your value, sellability, and current buyer interest, and put together the right strategy and plan to optimize your business value at exit. Start early.

Everyone wants to maximize value and sell their business in the fastest possible time frame at the most optimal terms. Unfortunately, short time frames and extracting massive value don’t normally go hand in hand. Therefore, it’s important to think about your end goal first, and construct the right strategy and plan to maximize your business value TODAY, not tomorrow!

The biggest shift you need to make right now is to start running an investor and buyer-focused business. This means, for example, building a valuable recurring revenue business that is optimized and not over-reliant on small groups of customers, resellers, suppliers, or employees. Businesses that are too client-focused can pose a risk for potential buyers and greatly reduce the value it sells for.

How do you start the process of adapting and optimizing your business so it will be attractive to buyers?

Work with the right advisor. We are here to help.

A few businesses we’ve helped.

Join the growing list of savvy companies that worked with us to prepare for value maximized exits.

Run an investor and buyer-focused business.

“At Ponterra’s advice, we brought in a virtual CFO to get our books into a position where they would be presentable to a larger company. Having the right advisor to help us with this was critical. Ponterra knew exactly the right people to call.”

– Don Hay, founder and former president of Digital Alchemy

Get an exit assessment, or sellability scorecard.

“There were different components to the exit assessment -- where are we and are we in a good position as Yapta for an ultimate exit? What are industry benchmarks? What’s going on in the marketplace? Are there potential buyers for us? Is the timing right to exit?”

– James Filsinger, Former CEO of Yapta, Inc., Now a Ponterra Business Advisors Managing Director

Hire the right advisor.

“I just knew we had a fit with Ponterra because they recognized what we had built -- we weren’t just a commodity to them. They were focused on painting a picture about the future of the company to potential acquirers and helped us tell that story.”

– Drew Peloubet, former CEO and Shareholder of Restaurant Magic

Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values

We are in the business of serving small to mid sized business owners looking for practical / useful advice from accomplished professionals with large company experience who know how to bridge the gap between small and large businesses.


Our mission is to level the playing field for our clients using our large company operating and acquisitions experience and lengthy mid-market expertise. We see ourselves as the Robin Hood of small companies in helping companies accelerate their growth, become more unique and differentiated leaders, and to optimize company attractiveness and value for an ultimate exit.


Our vision is to be the best software, data, and services company advisor to enhance and optimize value for our clients looking to build a business of value for exit.

Core Values

We want to be upfront and transparent with our clients at all times. Here we share our core values with you, so that we can be held to the high standard that we set for ourselves.

We are upfront, direct, and transparent with our clients, always.


We hold ourselves to a high moral standard while conducting our work in the best and most responsible way possible.


We are transparent throughout the process so that everyone is on the same page and is treated with the utmost respect.


We give our clients the full picture so they can achieve their highest potential for their businesses.


We work together, as a team, to deliver expertise as a group of specialists with varied functional and cultural backgrounds.

Our Locations

The firm is headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA and has presence in Berlin, Germany, Bogota, Colombia, Washington, D.C., and Seattle, Washington.